Smithfield Foods Significantly Reduces Collision coverage Frequency with SmartDrive Video-Based Safety Platform

SmartDrive Systems, a front runner in driving performance solutions that reduce collisions but also improve fuel efficiency, today announced that Smithfield Foods, Inc. has deployed that SmartDrive video-based safety program across its entire fleet of nearly 600 Armour and Eckrich branded refrigerated box trucks following a meaningful competitive review and head program. Armour and Eckrich are brands of Smithfield Foods.

We found alone reacting to accidents and situations, alternatively than training very own drivers to enjoy ahead of them, commented James Michael, senior operations forex broker at Smithfield Foodstuff. There was a major growing concern and some concerns over the question, what if some of the next accident is going to be worse than all of the last?’ We discovered we needed excellent effective way in which to reduce risk, and thus the SmartDrive program was the perfect solution.

To improve it has safety record, Smithfield embarked on the best side-by-side comparison initial of two video-based safety systems inside of its vehicles to the country. The SmartDrive results were overwhelmingly positive, left on Michael. Soon later on deploying the SmartDrive program, we decided to go from 20 avoidable accidents on unquestionably the roadway where all of us lost two trucks to accidents, which will only eight preventable accidents and that’s just truck losses program of the same time period the coming year. In addition, the online dashboard, coaching workflow also client support confident us that all of the SmartDrive program should be the most beneficial solution for our fleet.

Smithfield Foods pros were involved in the purchasing decision-making and, after visiting the results far from the pilot, suddenly agreed the SmartDrive program was these right choice. Your current SmartDrive system put in the Battle suits and Eckrich brand trucks includes both options cab-facing and road-facing event recorders, at order to present you with clear insight inside of risk factors whom occur both guiding the wheel and from other motorists on the vehicle. Being able up to see what car owners were doing while risky maneuvers and having the proficiency to coach these animals on needed credentials has already produced positive results for the fleet.

We have 44 branches across the countryboth union or non-union facilities, gone over Michael. We engaged our drivers while a conversation incredibly they understood usually the program and the correct way it works. Once it was clear to them the idea video is barely recorded if a risky maneuver or possibly external G-force is also detected, many programs made a possess commitment to avoid causing a stimulate by driving treated safely each and every last single time they hit the road. All results speak with themselves.

Like many firms that are special to the finest quality safety standards, Smithfield realized video-based reliability is the definitive way to have actually full visibility directly risk when driver operators are on their road, said Gary Mitgang, CEO linked with SmartDrive. The SmartDrive program not only shows fleet directors exactly where their risk lies, but also also how and address it towards prevent collisions right before they happen.

Some companies are typical worried about having to deal with a video-based set-up due to legal responsibility issues in law suit a driver possibly is at wrong doing in an incident, concluded Michael. However, the benefitsincluding unquestionably able to exonerate drivers when not considered at fault and / or being able in order to prevent accidentsfar over-shadow the risks. Whenever a private fleet, we want click here returning to ensure our kind is synonymous which has safety. Leveraging the SmartDrive video-based place is a primary tool for us to protect associated with drivers, the motoring public and much of our reputation.